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Cygnet Brass components has been established with the motive to become one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Turned and Forged Non-Ferrous Metal Components. Today,we are manufacturing and supplying quality Brass,Copper,Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastic products catering to Electronics, Electrical, Automotive Parts,Defence, Railway, Plastic Molding,and all other Industrial Sectors in India and across the globe.


Our mission

To find the best export Solution for the customer’s particular requirement which results into the creation of long standing commercial relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.


Our vision

Cygnet Brass Components renowned reputation ensures the clients that they receive only the best quality product at the most competitive price, and constantly adapting to customer requirements.


Quality policy

We are committed to supply timely quality product to our valued customers. We ensure to supply complaint free product to achieve complete customer satisfaction through continual improvement.


Our commitment

Our commitment is to understand and exceed the expectations of our valued customers, while delivering high quality product, services, and solutions to their most demanding requirements.

about the company

Who we are

Cygnet Brass Components has been devoting itself from day one to develop more products and expand our capabilities. Today our clients are evidence of our efforts. We enjoy impeccable reputation for our advanced technology, reliable quality & excellent services provided to our customers.

Special Brass Components

The Special Brass Components are manufactured under mass production with state-of-art technology and equipment. The Manufactured Range of Standard Brass Components provides superior strength, free-cutting, corrosion resistance and non-magnetic performance while being environmentally friendly. The High Quality of Brass Components are manufactured from the material melting, forging, extrusion, drawing, correction, annealing and inspection at each process. The Range of Brass Components includes Turned  Components, Neutral Links, Earth Bars, Line Taps and more.

Machined Brass Components

The Machined Brass Components are manufactured with the most precise methods include turning, milling, drilling, sawing and grinding. The other machining process Forging and Casting are also applied to the custom specified Brass Components. The finished Machined Brass Components are available with excellent mechanical properties in terms of density and strength which are derived with heat treatment. The alloying or machining brass components can be tailored to the specific requirements of individual applications for widely used in all Industrial Sectors. The Customized Mechanical Properties and the possibility of surface treatment also play a significant role in Providing High Quality and Standard Brass Components., correction, annealing and inspection at each process.


Cygnet Brass Components is the trusted for providing Customized High Quality Precision Metal Components.

Why Us

We are fully equipped to serve our customer’s requirement for quality by having a well-equipped Quality Control system.

Quality Standard

Enough precautions are taken right from Raw Material Procurement till Pre Dispatch Inspection Report to deliver quality components.

Customers Are Talking

The Cygnet Brass Components are experienced in their respective field and I’m very lucky that i’m working with them last 4-5 years and their products are reliable.

Mamta Sharma

We’re working with them last 5 years and their products are reliable in brass components market.They provide products in reasonable price that’s why we like Cygnet Brass.

Ashok Kumar

I’m working in this field since 2010 and i’m experienced that Cygnet Brass Components are best in i’ve ever seen. So, I suggest you try once their products.

Bablu Pandey

Quality Products

Here you can get best quality products.

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